Australian Specialty Inks Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated ink manufacturer established in 1983 and now based in Minto, New South Wales. Our inks and rollercoating paints are made from world leading superior grade pigments and resins designed to withstand the most extreme external conditions Australia can offer.


Being a fully independent Australian company we have the flexibility to develop products for our local market and for our existing range of overseas customers.  


We currently manufacture solvent based screen process inks along with a range of solvent based rollercoating paints and protective coatings. We are proud to say that we have screen process inks, rollercoat paint and protective coating for most substrates.


Australian Specialty Inks is focused on a complete service package which includes a free of charge ink adhesion checking service. A confidential adhesion report is normally available within 48 hours to seven days depending on the customers specification on the inks qualities.


Due to the extreme weather conditions endured in Australia we have developed a number of outdoor coatings to give the underlying ink maximum outdoor resistance.


To ensure customer satisfaction we will give a free of charge sample of a stock ink product or protective coating to enable the intended user to test the ink or coating before committing to purchasing the product. 


The company believes the test of quality and service has ensured its success in the past and will continue into the future.